Ryan Sahle
Mrs. Janet Swierbut
ENG 108
September 4, 2017
The Influence of Reading
Reading can influence us a lot in our lifetime , it allows you to consider a whole new way to look into things . H ere's some of the ways that reading transforms you and how to understand what the author means.
R eading helps influence us by giving us perspectives that yo u might have not thought before in other situations . It provides the platform that all sides could speak which is a huge influence that is often overlooked . We n eed to evaluate what we read becau se it co uld contain vital information. Like the a uthors Arthur Krystal and Jennifer Medina in reviewing the new literature canon " the new literary definition in town" and its value. It's your job as a reader to put to it together in context , to use this carefully evaluated info in our real life. T hat is why old texts , like Shakespeare even though written in old English can translate into some life lessons that we could really use today .
Readers respond to new info and lessons by connecting the word on the text with their own personal thoughts, meanings and experiences . T here is no one definite correct way to respond . It is all based on the reader perspecti ve. There are a few ways a reader can respond. One could reflect on the information by talking about it with other people who read the text and compare it which helps deepen your response and helps you understand the text more. Some of the connections that readers make are relating the text to themselves or relating that text they read to another text . Another way would be relating the text to the world .
Finally understanding info is important to find meaning in reading so being a ble to recognize literary features, for example personification which is when human qualities are attached to nonliving objects or animals. Knowing as many literary features as you can w ill help you understand the full meaning of the text and help one appreciate all the small little details in a book written by the authors .
These are just of some ways of how reading influences us and how we understand then put meaning to it so we can use it to influence for the better.

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