Ryan Sahle

Does the narrator develop or change or "grow" over the course of the evening?
How does drugs play a role in the story?

touch of his fingers on her face was important t in her life
narrator assumes blind people act a certain way because of movies narrator assumes a lot like blind people always wear dark glasses
Robert's handicap has compensations: It has made him compassionate, tolerant, and open-minded
Wife tried killing herself with pills
Rob and wife sending audiotapes back and forth to each other

Narrator doesn't like the friend of wife
But flaw is trusting
Robert, lost his wife
All the characters drink heavily
Bub nickname rob trying to be friendly shows he's nice
Rob and narrator shared marijuana
Robert doesn't know what cathedral looks like from tv
Narrator cant dersibe it its meaningless to him as Robert asks if he's religious
Both go though spiritual experience narrator draws a cathedral for Robert when closing eyes to understand each other perspective

At the end narrator realized the condition that Roberts has doesn't care anymore because he understands he feels like he's but nowhere but home