Runs With

By Brian Burks
co 1995

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January 11, 1997

Brian Burks has also written classic westerns for adults. This was his first book for young adults. He lives in Tularosa, New Mexico with his wife and five children.

This book takes place at Sierra Madre in Mexico with a small band of Chiricahua Apaches. The year was 1886.

Runs With Horses is about a young Apache Indian and the trials he faces to achieve manhood. These trials include going with the warriors on four raids, being able to jog three miles up a mountain and three miles back with a mouthful of water without swallowing it, and by wrestling all other boys his age with no mercy until one is very near death and the adults must pull him off of the other.
Runs With Horses is the boys name. He completes the jog up and down the mountain, actually leaving behind the warrior who went with him to make sure he went all the way to the top of the mountain before turning back and that his pace never slackened. He nearly kills his friend, Little Face, when they are forced to fight to see who is superior.
Runs With Horses, however, only goes on three raids. On this third raid, almost the entire raid party is killed when they are ambushed by the Mexican army and the “White Eyes,” as they are referred to in the book.
What is left of the entire Apache Nation, his tribe, are forced to surrender to the White Eyes and are taken as prisoners of war to Florida by train.
While stopped in Texas for two months, President Cleveland decided that the Apache men where to be separated from their families and held at Fort Pickens on Santa Rosa Island in Pensicola Bay. The women and children were sent to Fort Marion, Florida.

This book is called Runs With Horses because that is the name of the boy it is about. I think this book could have had just a little more detail in it. The story is great. I would read another book by Brian Burks because he keeps you interested in the story. Overall, this was a good book.