Rules and Laws: Basis of a Goverment

Any government\'s foundation, with the exception of anarchy, is based on rules and

laws. Why? There are many reasons for this; however, two of the main reason is the fact

that without laws a government is an anarchy, which defies the very definition of

government and causes the people to eventually become confused and uneducated.

An anarchy -- a "government" without laws -- defies the very definiton of the word

"government". A government\'s purpose is to create order and organization in a society.

The democracy of USA, for example, helps create order by creating laws against murder,

theft, vandalism, plagiarism, discrimination, and other such acts. It organizes the country by

having separate branches and divisions of government, each with their own specific task --

whether it be taxes or tornadoes, cars or cocaine. Anarchy fails to accomplish any of these

goals. A government without laws is not a government, but rather a chaos.

Although some people may not change much at first in an anarchy, after a period of

time nearly everyone starts taking advantage of it. Instead of going to work to receive

income, they steal -- not money, but the very products they need, as it is completely legal.

Personal belongings become nonexistent, and only the strong and cunning survive, as they

are more able to steal and fight -- not only for accessories, but for necessities: food,

clothing, shelter... Many slack off in the field of education, letting laziness get the better of

them. The people become confused and illiterate. The list of the tragedies of an anarchy

goes on -- and that goes without mentioning the long-term effects, when resources and

energy become unavailable. The bottom line is that a law-less government is the worst

thing that can happen to a people, even if they don\'t realize it.

A government obviously must base on laws. The alternative is anarchy, which, as

shown above, is complete chaos. Laws do not have to be strict nor loose -- merely enough

to keep order and organization. On this foundation are built all of the governments of the

world, whether they be "good" or "bad", "fair" or "evil".