�The Conscience of Captain Davies�
How dose Conscience works.
In movie �Roots� Captain Davies saved 170 slave from death on his boat because he
believed in God and prayed to him every day, he also was writing letters or a journey to his
family about what had happen on his voyage from Africa to America.
1.When he first hears that his cargo will be slaves he was scared . In the movie he opened
his eyes very wide.
2.When Mr. Slater give him thumbscrews, then he ask him � do we need to use this
thumbscrews�. Mr. Slater answered �You never know what dose slaves could do �. Then he
throve them on the floor.
3.Capitain Davies said to wash the slaves , It wasn�t for profit he washed them only
because he felt bed for them .When the slaves were screaming from the salt water ,he went under
4.When Captain Davies gets to America he doesn�t want to go to the auction of slave and
he tells to people to clean his boat form slaves. He dose that only because he could kind of forget
about the trip he just came from.
5.In the movie Captain Davies stated to drink rum , I think because his was trying to put
his conscience to sleep .But when there was no more rum left he could not sleep good .
6.When Mr. Slater offer to Captain Davies a belaywomen Captain disincline his offer
because hi did believe in coercion sex, and he will never cheated on his wife.
If you read my essay you should know how conscience works especially if you believe in God like
Captain Davies did.