Romeo is described in the book as a good looking guy. He's probably in between the ages of 15 and 17. In the beginning of the story Romeo kept his feelings to himself. He wasn't really close to his parents and the only people he could really talk to were Benvolio and his trusty advisor Friar Lawrence. He seemed to be really confused about love and what it really was. At first he is infatuated with a girl named Rosaline, but then meets Juliet and instantly falls in love with her. Romeo doesn't care for all the fighting going on between the two houses. He only wants to be with Juliet.
Romeo is a quiet person, but he cares about people. The part where Mercutio is slain by Tybalt is a good example of this. Because Tybalt killed his good friend Mercutio, Romeo killed Tybalt. Another would be the part where he finds Juliet dead. He cared so much for her that he killed himself.
In the book Romeo says some things that reflect on his personality. "Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight, / For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night."(Act 1 Sc. 5 Ln. 59-60) Romeo easily becomes infatuated with girls. "With Rosaline, my ghostly Father? No. / I have forgot that name and that name's woe." (Act 2 Sc. 3 Ln. 48-49) Romeo easily forgets about the girl he was so sad about and Juliet replaces his memory of her with happy ones. "O, I am Fortune's fool!" (Act 3 Sc. 1 Ln. 142) He felt that fate liked to play around with him.
I think Romeo was thinking about why all this death and fighting was happening around him throughout most of the book. He was contemplating love and hate basically. Juliet never left his mind. Even when he was banished that was all that he could think about; being with Juliet again. When he found out that she had died he killed himself because he didn't think that he had anything else to live for.
I would describe Romeo as a line. Romeo according to how Shakespeare set the play had a set path by the "stars". Romeo had a deep train of thought but was "fickle". Romeo is a loving and caring person.

Juliet is supposed to be a beautiful girl. She's around the age of 13. She's a Capulet which would make her an enemy to the Montegues. She was raised by her Nurse since she was a baby so she really doesn't have a real relationship with her parents. At first she doesn't want to deal with love, that is, before she met Romeo. She fell in love with Romeo and Romeo with her. A little later in the story her parents wanted her to marry County Paris (probably for business purposes). I don't really think that Juliet has a good idea what happens in the real world other than in her own house. She's sort of isolated from the rest of the world. The only people she talks to throughout the story are the Nurse, her parents, Romeo, and Friar Lawrence.
Juliet tries to be with Romeo as much as she can but it's hard for her because they aren't allowed to see each other. Nobody even knows about them being together. Juliet really shows her feelings for Romeo when her parents try to make her marry Paris. She takes a drug that will make it look like she is dead so that Romeo can come and get her.
In the book Juliet says some things that reflect on her personality. "If thy bent love be honorable, / Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow," (Act 2 Sc. 2 Ln. 150-151) Juliet, the gentlewoman that she is would be with Romeo only if they would be married. "O, bid me leap, rather than marry Paris," (Act 4 Sc. 1 Ln. 78) Juliet feels that by marrying Paris her relationship with Romeo deteriorate. "...O, happy dagger, / This is thy sheath. There rust, and let me die." (Act 5 Sc. 3 Ln. 174-175) She commits suicide to be with her love Romeo for eternity.
Juliet mainly thinks about Romeo throughout the story. She tries to stay away from Paris so that she can be with Romeo in