Romeo and Juliet

With which of the young male characters do you most closely identify: Romeo, Mercutio,
Benvolio, Tybalt, or Paris? Compare their behavior with an action you might take in comparable situations.
I believe I most closely identify to Benvolio, regarding his not wanting to fight.

Benvolio is the type of person who doesn\'t like fighting. You can see examples of this at the
beginning of the play. (Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 1) His friend Mercutio is looking for a fight, but
Benvolio does not wish to fight. Instead, he calmly watches as Mercutio "Bites his thumb" at the Capulets.
Later in the play, we find Mercutio again looking for a fight. He sarcastically remarks about how Benvolio
is hot-headed, when in fact Benvolio is a very calm man. This calmness, however, does not help Mercutio\'s
only a short while later, when Mercutio decides to start a fight. Benvolio calmly tries to stop his friend from
fighting Tybalt, but Mercutio fights any ways, and ends up dead.

Personally, I don\'t like fighting, unless I am defending my country. I consider myself very calm,
unless I am provoked, or am in front of a large group of people. However, I would not have been as calm If
I was in Benvolio\'s place just before Mercutio died. I might have been a bit more aggressive in stopping
Mercutio from fighting Tybalt.

I can closely identify myself to Benvolio. We both would not fight, but I would to defend my
country. Like Benvolio, I am also very calm. Finally, both of us would try to stop Mercutio from fighting

The male character from Romeo and Juliet I can most closely identify with is Benvolio, because
we are both calm. Also, neither of us would like to fight if we could help it. I would feel right at home if I
was to take over Benvolio\'s part in Romeo and Juliet.