Romeo and Juliet

In this essay, I will examine and describe the relationships of Juliet - the sweet girl who is in love with Romeo, Nurse - who is the minder of Juliet, Mercutio - Romeo’s dear friend and Tybalt- who is an enemy of Romeo. These characters are all from the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, which is written by William Shakespeare.

Juliet is a young, beautiful teenager who is aged 14. Juliet is set to marry Paris because of her mother, father and the nurse who think that Paris should be a good husband. “Verona’s summer hath not such a flower...Nah, he’s a flower, in faith a very flower” (Pg 55). This quote shows that the nurse and Lady Capulet greatly admire Paris and think he is very handsome.

When Juliet first meets Romeo, they fall instantly in love and they decide to get married, but Juliet discovers that Romeo is a Montague. “Tis, but thy name is my enemy...thou art myself, through not a Montague.” This quote shows, even though Romeo is a Montague she still loves him and she is willing to give up her name as a Capulet to be with Romeo.

Tybalt is a fiery character who loves a good fight. This is a contrast to Juliet\'s character as Juliet is very kind and loving and Tybalt is a very evil man who loves fighting. Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin and a Capulet. I think this is why he holds a grudge against Romeo because they are from rivalling families. Tybalt has no sense of fun and is often too serious. There are many similarities between Lord Capulet and Tybalt because both characters have the same beliefs and are very up front. Tybalt is also a family man who honours family members and tradition.

The nurse is a middle-aged carer. She is a carer for Juliet and looks after her. Mr and Mrs Capulet pay her to look after Juliet when they are not present. The nurse is a loving character, who acts like a mother to Juliet. However, her marriage opinion differs from that of Lady Capulet.

Mercutio is Romeo’s friend he is a true friend to Romeo. Mercutio is very humorous and loves to joke. He is very loyal to his true friend Romeo. This loyalty is shown when Mercutio dies for his friend. Tybalt and Mercutio have a big rivalry and are always fighting, as a result Mercutio dies fighting with Tybalt. This big rivalry is finally, unleashed when Mercutio is killed. This fight began because of Romeo as Mercutio was standing up for him. This shows Mercutio’s loyalty.

As well as being similar, all the characters are different from one another; characters like Tybalt and the nurse do not know each other that well. Tybalt and the nurse do not meet in the play. On the other hand, Juliet and the nurse who have a good relationship and talk regularly in the play. This is very contrasting in side the Capulet family, as many of the family members do not have a very close relationship such as Juliet and Tybalt. Juliet and Tybalt do not have a close relationship, as they are cousins they do know of each other but are not very fond of each other. Juliet and Mercutio have a good relationship because Romeo is in love with Juliet, so Mercutio is always hearing of all of Romeo’s love problems with Juliet.

Tybalt and the Nurse never speak to each other but do know of each other because their friends have spoken of them.

Shakespeare portrays each character differently, in the way they speak in the play. He uses different types of languages for each character. Shakespeare describes Juliet as a helpless, young, love truck girl. In the play, Juliet speaks in prose as someone who is lost in a big world. Juliet talks a lot about Romance. “Oh, Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo”. This quote tells us she is a young and madly in love Romeo.

The nurse talks as if she is the mother in the play and as a substitute to Lady Capulet. As we know already, she acts as a mother towards Juliet. “Thou wast the prettiest baby that e’er I nursed”. This quote tells us that the nurse