Robert James Smith,40, is the lead singer and lyricist of the 80’s British Goth band The Cure. The Cure formed way back in 1977, when Robert Smith was only 18 yr. Old. He was born on April 21st, 1959 in Blackpool, England. Since then he has aged greatly, but so has his ever-popular band. The Cure is in their 22nd year and the new album, TBA will be released sometime in this, the year of 1999.
The purpose of this report is to show you, the reader, where the inspiration for The Cure’s lyrics come from. This will be shown by actual quotes by Robert Smith himself, as well as by opinions from others, and random facts. The Cure my not be the ideal type of Top 40 music for this day and age, but their many fans wont hesitate to attest to the beauty and mysticism of Robert’s writing, mixed with the gorgeous (for lack of a better word) style of music and of what it does to their heats and to their souls.
To start off with, you will learn a bit about Robert’s home life. Because it is no surprise that most of anyone’s inspirations come from their surroundings and also from their pasts. What a person goes through day to day is definitely a factor when it comes to creativity. Robert Smith is no exception.

Smith is said to be a vegetarian but that isn’t necessarily true. Most information pertaining to behind closed doors issues such as this are purely speculation and here say. While Smith claims to be a child at heart, he and his wife, Mary, have no children of their own.
He met Mary at the tender age of 14. They then waited yet another 14 years before they ‘tied the knot’. He now knows she is the only one for him. (see "LoveSong") When LoveSong was written, it was written for Mary’s wedding present.." Cheap and Cheerful" he said. (personal archives) When he handed it to her, she took it into the other room, listened to it, and then came back into the room Robert was in, smiled happily and showered him with kisses. As well as any woman would, surely, because as mentioned earlier, his beautiful poetry mixed with the background music, makes for pure magic. Magic that even Mary hasn’t gotten used to yet!
Smith feels he is too selfish and in essence too undisciplined to raise any children of his own, though he spends a large amount of time with his (on last count) whopping 21 nieces and nephews, who range in age from a mere couple of months, to 20 something. Smith often states his love for being the "evil uncle".

1Taken from the web-site entitled ‘Vegetarian Celebrities’

Now for a more musical side to the man behind the music!
Robert is the only remaining original member of the band since it’s short lived reign of terror known as ‘Easy Cure’. (The bands original name.) He also (was also) the left hand side of a project entitled "The Glove"along with the bassist for Siouxsie and the Banshees. AS well as a project entitled "COGASM" which is a mixture of all of the members last names. (SM for Smith.)

Fans of the Cure love their music, but also their
anti-commercialism. The cure is not in the music industry for the money. In fact, Smith could care less about the money. Says Smith, "I’m writing songs, not to be famous, but because I want to2." He feels that music should be a moving experience. He also states that he loves his job and has a lot of fun with it. Which, to most sounds a bit far fetched, but he says all you need to do is find something you love to do and find a way to get paid for it. Obviously this is the approach more musicians should take, because the Cure have now sold an estimated 30 million records worldwide!

2Taken from the web-site entitled "The Upstairs Room"

Though most people (I.E.-media) do call the Cure a ‘goth’ band (as does this report), Robert says anyone who considers themselves a part of the gothic subculture will tell you this is untrue. This is, partially true, but many ‘goths’ do consider the