Ritalin is a drug used to quell HYPERCATIVE
children and perk up the inattentive. Six times as
much ritalin was used in 1995 than in 1990
according to statistics. However the latest
research has found out that only two and a half
times the ritalin has been used in 1995. Since
ritalin is a drug that can be abused therefore there
is a limit set by the agencies. The drug agency
figures 22,950 pounds of ritalin was used 1995
and that only 3,897 pounds of ritalin was used in
1990. The reason for the increased numbers of
people is that more people use it each day and
most of the people who use it go through
elementary school high school and college with it.
Another reason for the increasing numbers is that
not to many people get off the drug. Adults take
ritalin too. Dr. Safer stated that 90% of the
parents of the children say that the ritalin has
helped there son in school. Dr. Safer also said that
"most kids with learning problems have problems
with retention too." I would take ritalin if I though
it helped me because so far there are no real side
affects and it seems to be helping a lot of people.
Facts 1. Ritalin has helped most kids. 2. There has
been a great increase in the usage of ritalin. 3.
Ritalin is an addictive drug. 4. Ritalin quells
hyperactive children. 5. The outcomes of ritalin so
far seem to be on the positive side. WORDS 1.
Hyperactive - excessively active.