Rhetorical Analysis of "Smoking ban makes sense"

English 2010

This article was inspired by the goverments decision to pass a resolution supporting a strict ban on smoking in all buildings.

THis movement has been a richochet effect of the new health craze.The new health movement to stop smoking, and take part in

a healthy lifestyle.

The context for this article is a negative perspective of smokers, and how banning outdoor smoking would increase the publics

well being. It argues the political aspect of banning and points out other states that have banned smoking in public

areas such as bars, beaches, The author explains how banning in other states have brought uproars, but does little to explain

the solutions or positive aspects of the government. Readers of this article would be persuaded to beleive that though many

people would not adhere to the rules, the rules will eventually lead more children and adolescence to never start the addiction.

What the author forgets is the adolecence who wants to be different and unhealthy and look "cool" by smoking and being the rebel.

During the early 1920\'2, the abolition of alchohal was put in force, but the only thing the law brought about was a lot of

people breaking the law. The author lightly touches on a perception from the aspect of the "smoker" point of view, but overlooks

the addicts, the million dollars of tax money that is brought in by smokers, the jobs brought to America from these filthy

habits. It is sad fact, but it is true.His intention is to persuade non-smokers to support the banning.

The strategy to bring about his point of banning makes sense, was a formal essay of facts, arguements, and

opinion all in that order. The author\'s points were fairly effective, but overlooked a lot of important details. An expansion of

thought and reasrch would have been more persuasive.