Review Of The Play ‘Of Mice and Men’

We set off at midday to the Savoy theatre to see the production ‘Of Mice and Men’. I was looking forward to it and thinking it was going to be an excellent show. When we got to the theatre it was much smaller than I thought it would be. It started off with four bails of hay with smoking floating around the stage. Then a small window in the black backdrop opened and two men appeared. Lennie, who was played by Matthew Kelly and George, who was played as George Costigan.

The first thing I thought was that the acoustics of the theatre were very good. I was sitting quite far back and could hear the actors easily even when they were speaking.

I think the best actors in the play were Joanne Mosley (as Curley’s Wife), David Sterne (as Candy) and Matthew Kelly (as Lennie). All their characters were acted well and they seemed just like the characters in the book.

The worst actor was George Costigan (as George). He did not seem at all like the character that was portrayed in the book. He seemed slower and less intelligent than what I had imagined him as.

The staging and lighting were the best part of the play. All of the sets looked very realistic especially the opening scene where there is a stream running along the stage, the shadowy figures of George and Lennie make their entrance to the sound of folk music and the barn with its straw bales and corrugated iron.

I think the play didn’t quite meet my expectations but was still a very interesting trip as I have never been to a theatre before.