Response to Limerick

Vikas Mehta
Rhet 105
Nash 3-4:15

After reading Limerick's essay on education, one gets the feeling that she is

writing for the ideal education process. Her topic dealing with the relationship between

the student and teacher is so vital to the new generation of students coming up.

The beginning of her essay reminds me of elementary school. All my teachers

would love to see us all motivated, excited, and ready to learn something. They wanted to

hear are opinions and discuss topics with us one on one. In college, I do not think that

teachers mind to see us motivated, but I do not think they care. Universities such as

Illinois and are huge schools that filter out students in large masses. They need

teachers to give students the information and then let them deal with it. They must also

decide on how to get the max usage of their teachers and what better way to do that then

placing them in a room with 750 students.

Every monday and wednesday morning I start my day by going to an economics

class that contains 750 students. I sit there in the and just look at the small man in

the front of the auditorium give his lecture on "GDP". He speaks for an hour and I sleep

for about half of it. I do not sleep because it's 9:00 o'clock in the moring , but because it

is so boring. He speaks and I listen along with hundreds of others. Next I go to a

computer science lecture with about 250 people. Again, I sit, listen, and try to follow

along without falling asleep. Wait we aren't done yet; I still have two more lectures,

one in Astrnonomy and one in Math. Both if these contain 200+ students.

My point is that the reason myself and many others study our _____ off is because

we learn nothing in the classroom. I go to the lecture find out what is going to be on the

exam and study that and only that. I do not have time for other information because I

have to teach myself all my other classes. I probably won't even ask the teacher for help

because I don't even know the guy. I feel uncomfortable talking to them. A perfect point

example would be that of my Astronomy Professor. He specifically told us to email the

TA for any questions we had before emailing him. What kind of statement is that?

This guy only cares about himself it seems. We go to class to hear a man with the same

monotone voice for an hour who really has no interest in us. One big thing that high

school teachers told us was to take care of yourself because noone else is going to

and that is so very true in this University.

I want to come out of college with professors as friends of mine. I

want to be able to sit and learn in classrooms with 20 people max. I want the teacher to

say "Yes Vik," when I raise my hand to answer a question. That is how all Universities

should be. The student to teacher ratio should be way down and the interaction should

jump way up.

Professors need to bring their ego down a bit and come to reason with themselves

that since they are teaching they might make the best of it. Published or not, these

professors have taken the responsibilty of contributing to our education and I want them

to give a hundred percent.

Also, the funding for schools must stay strong and not be diminished. If it was

cut then the whole education process would just get worse and worse. We are

already at a negative with the interaction between students and teachers; if we cut funding

we just get brought down even more.

In closing, in order for students to become intelligent and learned, they must learn

and get feedback fast from their teachers. They must talk with their teachers, know who

they are, and not be bored to death with their lessons. Class must be exciting and

different. Students must want to come to lecture to hear their friend, Professor _____,

teach them.