Response on different between shah’s era and Mullah’s

As Layla’s grandmother express her hatred toward shah, Layla herself disagrees with her grandmother and prefer shah’s government than Mullah’s. When I read all the part which Layla talked about Mullah’s government “A government which only arrest, imprison, torture… innocent people for not having hejab.” As Layla says it made me think that Mullah’s government is a government which used the Islam’s name to still this great countries money and oil, but when Layla’s grandmother talk’s about shah’s era, I see that there are no differences. I agree with both Layla and her grandmother because they both are right, Mullah’s still the country’s money and shah let so many foreign people to govern our country, but some people have different needs for example, if layla would be in Shah’s era she would be really happy because there is freedom everywhere and no one can tell you what to do, and for grandmother it would be good if she lived in mullah’s era because no one will make fun of her because she’s wearing hejab and make her take it off.

I personally think that shah’s government was better because there was so much freedom you could do whatever you want, but in Mullah’s government sure no one will make fun of you because of your religion and that’s because everyone made to have a same religion. Every time that I ask my grandmother which is a really religious Muslim, that if shah’s era was better or Mullah’s government she says “The Shah’s era was much better because there was much freedom, streets were safe, there were no criminals or thieves.” I heard that Shah was an intelligent person and he always wanted best for the people of Iran. He used the taxes to build roads, hospitals, schools, and many other things for people. The reason that people started a revolution against him was because he allowed people from other countries to govern our country and didn’t really respect religions. The mullah’s government were opposite of Shah’s government, they get taxes and put them in their own pocket, they told people to bring more kids to raise the Muslim population which ruined many families because, dads couldn’t afford feeding his children so he had to start steeling stuff. They kicked all the foreign governors out and put their own people in. They basically made the country even worst than ever. In conclusion I think that Shah’s government was better than Mullah’s government and Iranians should be shame of them for letting Mullah’s tricked them by the name of Islam and steel their country from them.