A situation in which the student is troubled by his parents pressuring him to go into a

job area that makes good money but he doesn’t want to go into that career area, is a bad situation

to be in. The question is if he should go into this job or not, My thesis is that the student should

do what he wants to do. Three reasons for this are: You need to do what you want, even when

there are some bad consequences, living a lie would not be good and money can’t buy happiness.

To start out, you need to go for what is best for YOU, even if there would be some

negative consequences. You can’t be happy unless you make decisions that are right for you.

One good example of this is from the song “The Dance”. In the song the guy had to make a

decision to move on with his life even though some of his best memories and moments would be

left behind. If you do not make your own decisions and make decisions that will benefit you,

your life would be a big lie to yourself, which is not a sign that you have done something you

wanted to do.

Living a lie would not be a very good life. A good quote from “Ode On A Grecian Urn”

concerning this is “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”. This basically means that the truth is much

better than living a lie or some fantasy world. If your whole life is a lie, then it is not a very

beautiful life at all. Also, in the song “Lyin’ Eyes” the woman is living a lie by pretending she

loves this old man, when in reality she was just in it for the money. As a result, her life is

miserable and a big lie. Which wouldn’t happen if you do what you really want to do.

And finally, money can not buy happiness. A good example of this is from the song

“Lyin’ Eyes”. The song is about a woman that marries an old man just for the sake of money.

The only reasonshe married this man is for the money and gifys she would recieve. This results

in her life being not at all happy, in fact it is plain old miserable. This just goes to show that no

matter how much money you have, your life still might not be happy. It takes a lot more then a

bunch of green paper to make your life a good one.

In conclusion, doing what you want is best. If you don’t do what you want to, you won’t

be happy with your life.