Respond to Tora Tora Tora

Tora Tora Tora was a movie I had seen when I was still in high school. At that time, I had no idea of which one was which one. Who was the right guy, and who was the bad guy? I was shocked by Japanese people’s activities that directing the planes dropped into American base station as fire bombs. Also I quit with many American armies lost their lives in secret attack.

Several years later, I got a chance to review the movie with a different explanation based on the knowledge from History 12 class. It is a new idea and new viewpoint that I am going to talk. The movie describes the surprise attack on Peart Harbor which is an island located in the south to the Hawii. Peart Harbor has been considered as the first front line to defeat outside attack. On December 7, 1941, Japanese airplanes swept down on the unsuspecting American naval base and nearly airfields. The attack damaged eight battleships and many smaller vessels and smashed more than 160 aircraft on the ground (text book: A people and a nation; page 468).

First of all, I have learned from the movie that stopping Japan invasion in Asia was not as easy as allied forces negotiate with them. Japan was a country where people highly trusted in their government policy and national spirit. The order from high level was authority and non-questionable. I did read some books about the war broke between Japan and China. One named <<War of Land Mine>> narrates a few Chinese people fought back to large amount of Japanese attack by using smart tactics, man-made land mine. The movie shows me atrocious Japanese armies when they killed thousands of Chinese people. But I have to say that they are brave. They never disobey commander’s order. They believe that they must use their lives to feed back their nation. Come back to the surprise attack on Peart Harbor, I am not surprised to the way Japanese bombed the American base. In planning of attack, Japanese government secretly trained a group of pilots called “Shen Feng”. They designed a kind of aircrafts without wheels. Once these pilots took off, they would never get to land. Therefore, these aircrafts became powerful and exact bombs to their aims. Japanese would insist until they died. This is the major reason that Japan developed so fast in controlling Asia events.

The movie slightly explains the reason why did American respond on the attack so slowly. First, Japan government chose a holiday on attacking when the whole Peart Harbor relaxed in enjoyable time. A mouth before the day of attack, Japan practiced several maneuver on the area, and pretended to disclose the message to American spy. When the message was captured by U.S government and delivered to base of Peart Harbor, it was too late to defeat to the attack.

The surprise attack gave an excuse for U.S government to enter the war. In the later contest, American gradually won the positive control after the battle of midway and the battle of Iwo Jiam and Okinawa. They were considered as turning points in the Pacific war. However, attack on Peart Harbor, in my opinion, was the turn point of turn point. American played a key role after entering the war and finally kept the world in order.