Respect and responsibility plays a role in everyone's life. Even as a little kid we all had respect and responsibility in your life. Respect can vary from having respect for the family pet to having respect for the people who raised us when we were growing up.
Respect in today's life is referred to having trust and faith in a person. Some people say respect is loving someone. Others honor people like athletes (Housman, 850). The way everyone should show respect is by being polite to everyone.
Responsibility is telling someone that they can depend on you and following through with what you said. The jobs most people have takes dedication to do it day in and day out (Madden, 189). If you keep your word people will never doubt you (10 Points,mag). Always be trustworthy to people you care for.
As you can see there is respect and responsibility everywhere you look. Respect and responsibility is a very important part of everyday life, we use them in school and in work.
A good example of respect is a poet named Alan Burns. He has won many Art Council awards for his writings (Madden,192). Alan Burns has a lot of respect for his writing foundation. In most all of Burns writings he tries to use people's lives (Madden, 194). Burns has dedicated his life to his writings that is why he is a good example of respect for something.
A poem in a Literature book named "To an Athlete Dying Young" the people of the town show respect by caring the athlete down the main street in there town. People loved the athlete so much they had to shut there eyes as he passed by before he died(Housman,850). The athlete never thought he was to good for the people of the town that is why they had so much respect for him.
A article in Ebony Man March, 1995 issue tells us about "10 Points Men Should Tell Youths About Growing Up and Being Responsible Adults". A large amount of young adults do not have a father figure to tell them about responsibility, and have to rely on themselves to grow up, and learn to take care of themselves and maybe a family they have ("10 points" 52). A part of responsibility is having a family with a kid is taking care of them by holding a job and never run away from that responsibility because "boys make babies and men take care of them." ("10 points, 52).
Most all of peoples' responsibilities differ from the lifestyles they have. My Uncle Harry is in a wheelchair and he has as many responsibilities as he had when he could walk, now he has to make sure he takes his pills, call a check up on his kids that live in Savannah, Georgia. He had to suffer through a divorce in the early stages of the disease. After that is all over he tells me that the Lord had a reason for him to be in a wheelchair so he is going to make the best of everyday he has (Burnett, 1996). My uncle played baseball at Winter Haven and he had a goal to play pro baseball, which was a lot of responsibilities to keep his homework and grades up and still practice hard to meet his goal which he never met because of the loss of his legs.
As you can see from this paper respect and responsibility has a large part in everyone's daily life. Respect in having trust in a person and know they will help you when you need them. Responsibility is a part of growing up and taking care of what you have to, from a job to a family.