Resident Evil
Monster Guide
by Lork Xero
V 1.0


Some people might ask, why create a guide to a game everyones
played and beaten a million times? Why? Becuase the monsters in this
game do not get enough credit. Also this is my first FAQ like guide so
bear with me.

Zombie- Basic grunt and the most common enemy. They either spit on you
or chew your neck but it's just so easy to take them down. Knife dosn't
work that well (close range weapon dont cut it on a creature looking to
chew that arm off) but everything else makes these gouls into fodder.
Shoot them with the baretta and they fall. Shotgun and Python their
heads explode. Messy. But there is a downside. At the begining Chris
has trouble finding enough ammo to take them all out so run around them
when possible.

Dogs- Cujo from hell. Nothing like dogs without skin to get you down.
Fast, viscious, and skinless, these dogs jump at your throat like it was
prime cut. Good thing it only takes a few shots, when shot they fall
and take time to get back up. Bad thing, they tend to fight in packs
meaning a lot of shooting and reloading.

Crows- Aaaahhhhhh, crows are attacking. If this happens it means you
either examined Forest's body or messed up getting the wind crest. Dont
do either of these things and the birds wont bother you. If they do use
the shotgun becuase the baretta is just to hard to shoot them with.

Snakes- Small and poisonious, snakes should just be avoided because
your legs are long than their bodies. Never killed one, just walked by.

Plant Root- Not exactly an enemy, but annoying enough. Reaches through
the floor and grabs you. If your playing as Jill, pass it once then
push the statue over it. If your playing as Chris it tickles so just
kill big daddy 42.

Big Spider- Large venomus spiders that try to bite you and are deadly
even when dead. Shotgun or bazooka, players choice. Just be affraid of
the mini spiders that come out of it if you blow it away.

Mini spiders- Small spiders that skuttle around in insanly large
numbers. Good- You can squish them if you run over them. Bad- If you
are to slow they can bite you four or more times.

Neptune- Big, big, big shark. Neptune and sons can kill you in no time
but vice versa. Just drain the water and they are no longer a threat.
But incase your feeling like being cruel, after you drain the water you
can just stab these fish fillets to death.

Hunters (Head Hunters)- Large, skinless creatures that are nothing more
than teeth and claws. I call them Head Hunters because they have a
tendency to slice that part off. What makes these creatures so annoying
is that they can jump over you after you aim to shoot them. If they do
relese R1 and then hit it again to auto aim them. If you fired before
they jumped your in for a gap in your chest. But heres the real downlow
of these creatures.

Top 5 reasons (bad to worse) Hunters are the most annoying creatures

5. They laugh off baretta bullets
4. Three shotgun shells
3. Appear at the worst times
2. They jump over you. Frustrating as hell.
1. You can have full power and they can still tear your head off with
one slash.

Chimera- Hangs over head and takes swipes at you or jumps on your back
and does some heavy damage. Annoying. I just run by these evil monkeys
because its too hard to aim up and shoot them. At the very end, when
you need to get out of dodge, these creatures become floor bound. If you
have the ammo put a smack down with the Python, if not avoid.


Giant Snake- What's thrity feet long with foot long teeth and poison. I
dont know but if you want to beat the game you have to beat this terror.
Lunges at you and bites. Take your strongest weapon (shotgun for Chris
and Acid Rounds for Jill) and three mixed herbs and prepare for a long
battle. The second time you fight he's even harder. Python on a
Python, hhhmmmmmmm.

Plant 42- Big weed that want to