I agree with the con side. Just say that a robber comes into your

house, would you wait until the robber is right in front of you to stab

him. By then you would get shot. Instead of waiting until they are right

in front of you, you could fire a gun from a distance and have a

better chance of surviving. If you did wait for the robber to come up to

you to stab them before they came up to you they would shoot so fast

at the first moving thing. They will shoot so fast because they donít

care who dies all the robbers want is their money or merchandise. The

pro side says that you take a persons life with a gun, even though

they are bad people you are still taking someoneís life away and you

should go to jail for that. I dont know about you I would rather go to jail

for my family then die. Just say you think someone is in your house at

3am. It would not be your mom or dad dropping something off. They

would just drop it off in the morning. Just say you live in a two story

house most likely your kids would sleep on the same floor that you

sleep. First you would look on the other side of the bed to see if your

husband or wife is there. If he his then he is not making the noise.

Then you check your kids room and if the are there, they are not

making the noise. Then you will need to fire your gun.