Report on New Ink
By Alfonsa Ruffin Jr.

A new ink has been introduced to the market. This ink should revolutionize the printing industry and completely replace the old method of printing forever. This new ink, although expensive, is much better than old ink. It has tiny positive and negatively charged balls in it that when subjected to electronic current or a frequency, changes to reveal different pictures and letters.
A sign can have one picture on it, but when hit by a certain radio frequency or electrical current the picture image changes into something else. Also, the words can change along with that. So instead of having a sign that only produces one message that stays the same, it alters on it’s own. So with the same amount of space the businesses are able to send out several separate messages.
This new method of printing has already been applied to different company signs and billboards. The businesses have found it very effective. It has been expensive, but business owners have concluded that it will save money for them in the long haul. The only company using this technology, as of right now, is JC Penny’s. They have started testing it on signs.
This technology can also be applied to books. As the article says you could be reading “The Red Badge of Courage” by Stephen Crane, and in an instant it can be replaced with a book by Stephen King. There would be no more getting up and finding a new book, it will be at your fingertips. One of several companies has invested a total of 15.8 million dollars on Eink this year.
As the excitement of this new ink hits the businesses and corporations, this age of advertising will be affected incredibly.