In his letter to the Corinthians, St. Paul is telling us that we do have something to look forward to, something to live for. God is out there and he is real. He wants us to do good deeds and to follow strong moral guidelines. St. Paul tells us that we should live for tomorrow, and we should live for god, for if we donít then we might as well just live for sin, and let it consume us, for tomorrow we may die.



My Eagle Scout Service Project, I painted the exterior of the Zaruk Tak Takali Teen Center in Marina, I learned the virtues of leadership, and patience

I made it to the top of Mount Pico Blanco, after the hard hike I learned the virtues of humility before God

I earned my Varsity Letter in Cross Country. No one thought it could be done, me a runner? No chance. but I proved them wrong and learned the virtue of fortitude.



My talents are my trumpet playing, my ability to swim, my listening and understanding, and my selfless loyalty.



o Well there was this time when I was at home on a Sunday with nothing to do, my Girlfriend was out of town, my friends were all busy or not in the mood to go out. I wanted to get out of my house but I couldnít. I sat down and started writing, and that took care of my boredom for a little while, and then I went to sleep.

o In a way I agree, I think that everyone has untapped resources and talents. And I think that we are called by God to find those untapped talents for those talents that are not explicitly apparent, could possibly be our very best talents.


In the school of life I have learned quite a few things. ďSometimes it is more important to get along then it is to be right.Ē Your friends have your back, they are there for you, you donít need to impress them or please them, and you cant always be right. Sometimes you just have to let your pride go for the good of the group, and if you donít then you will never be able to have good solid friendships. Some talents I discovered while in the school was my ability to think on my feet, to make people laugh, to hide my own problems while helping everyone else solve theirs and the ability to make people happy with no thought for my own well being.



Assembly linesmen and sweat shop workers are destructive lines of work because they eat at the individual and they destroy his creative individuality. He has no identity and no individual thought, he is just John Q. Public.

Two jobs that are in the gray area are migrant workers and French fryers, they are not challenged to grow smarter, only stronger and more stupid, they are oppressed and walked upon by the media, they are regarded as animals rather than people in many situations.

Yes, I think I am part of Gods Creative process, I have an agenda, and I have a future. I am smart and I am prepared to succeed in life and I am prepared to use my skills and talents, to help not only my fellow man but to exult the lord and to spread his word.



The equal exchange eliminates the middlemen, and gives the money to the farmer, who is usually absorbed by the middleman and taken advantage of. This way his crops are bought directly by the government at a more than fair price and sold to the companies. This process guarantees revenue for the farmer and gives him the incentive to farm and to produce.



Hugh Hefner, was able to successfully market an obsession, the obsession of pornography and masturbation, he twisted the image in such a way that it became attractive to all. He used his marketing talent to skyrocket himself to a godlike state of wealth and adoration, every guy wants to be him; girls want to work for him. A playmate is the epitome of sexiness, and to be featured in his centerfold is to say that she is the sexiest there is. But in his marketing of vice he lost his