Relgion Project

Have you ever saw a crippled man and felt sorry for him? Have you
ever walked by a man in a wheelchair and gave a funny look because you
think they are helpless or aren’t normal. Just because a man is crippled
dosen’t mean that they are different. A man being in a weelchair can do
anything a man not in a wheelchair. Just because a man may look innocent in
a wheelchair dosn’t mean it’s true. In today’s world we find the kingdom of
God is “right now”, but “not yet”.
Ted ernst is a handicapped man who can’t walk. He became a
wheelchair racer and won two gold and four silver medals at the U.S. Junior
Wheelchair Racking Championships. This shows how the Kingdom of God is
“right now” because he wasn’t able to be sucessful on his own. Many people
helped him with the equipment and movition he needed to become a
champion. It shows how God can allow anyone to do anything as long as you
put your mind to it, but a little help from some frineds would never help,
espically in his case.
People would look at him, just as most people look at any person in a
wheelchair. Most people would think he is innocent and couldn’t hurt a fly.
Most people wouldn’t think him a threat. Have you ever looked at someone
in a wheelchair and though he was a killer, probably not. You would probably
think about how you could help this person. But you never know.
The Kingdom of God is “not yet”. Now former wheelchair racer Ted
Ernst will spend his life in jail becasue he traded the thrill of sport for the
thrill of crime. There was a hidden life was Ernst. He was a bulger. He has
robbed over 30 homes, but one night his luck ran out. He was in the act of
robbing a house, and someone saw him . Enrst pulled out gun and shot the
witness. His brother was with him at the time. They commited the burglaries
together. But just like most crimes, the criminals left evidence behind. Over
time Ted Enrst’s brother Jesse Enrst was at a church function and started
talking about the killing to a friend. The word spread and eventually went to
the cops. When the police went to question Jesse he broke down and told the
cops everything. He told the cops that his brother had commited the murder.
Now the Enrst borthers will be spending alot of time in jail.
This killing isn’t like any other killing. Killing in general shows how
The Kingdom of God is “not yet”. But this murder shows how a man who
was crippled and was in a wheelchair could commit murders like any other
killer. People would have never guessed that a man in a wheelchair who
worked his whole life to be a wheelchair racer could be someone totally
different. It is good to help a handicap man, but just remember that he should
be treated as any other person, the good things, as well as the bad.
These problems really can not be prevented. The turth is anyone can be
a murder, or be someone they are not. But we can try to stop crime but gun
control, and anti-violence champions. But we have to relize that the only way
to bring the kingom of God completely into the world is by spreading his
word and working his purpose but trying to set a the best example we can and
having faith that the world will change. We have to believe that good will
overcome evil.