Red Grooms- (1937-present)

Red Grooms is a contemporary artist (current) including many works of pop art. He is an artist that works with many types of mediums including oils, acrylic, printmaking, films, and theater. Hes use almost every medium in his art.

Red grooms was really born with the name Charles Rogers Grooms in Nashville, Tennessee. Charles was later nicknamed for his red hair and is most commonly known as Red Grooms. He started his career at a very early age. He had an exhibition in the Nashville gallery while in high school. Later he went to college at the Art Institute Of Chicago, and later studied at Peabody college in his hometown of Nashville.

Later in Provincetown; Red Grooms collaborated with an animation experimenter and a gallery owner named Yvonne Anderson and made several mini-films. Red Grooms still lives and works in new york