Reading Critique


English 375

In the books Sisters Of The Earth and Natural State there were many good stories. From the book Sisters Of The Earth it wasn’t a story that drew my attention it was a poem by Paula Gunn Allen called “KOPIS’TAYA (A Gathering Of Spirts)”. The story that suck in my head the most from Natural State was “Desert Walking” by the author John Daniel. First I will discuss the poem by Paula Gunn Allen then I will be discussing the short story “Desert Walking” by John Daniel.

The poem “KOPIS’TAYA” was believable to me because of the day and age in which we live in. Many people are in such a hurry throughout their days they forget to take time and enjoy life. Also we spend entirely to much time in our cars riding “wrapped around in glass and steel we ride our lives;behind dark glasses we hide our eyes” (Allen 337).