Rays of sun beating thru a window telling you it's time to get up and go looking for a place of employment. Job hunting today can be a difficult process. It's hard to find a job that is acceptable, convenient, and with no discrimination all wrapped into one.
The most difficult thing is finding a job that is desirable. If the other workers are disrespectful or just impossible to get along with, it's very unlikely that the job will be kept for very long. It can be hard to find a job without any harassment of some sort going on. In some communities jobs are very limited. Where I live there are not near enough jobs to support the population. Therefore, many of our neighbors have a long drive to get to work. People need a job that they like, or there is really no point in doing something that is they don't like. There are also many jobs that do not have enough work to have a full staff year round. For example, in Branson there are many jobs that pay well, but unfortunately when the off season comes more than half of the buisnesses close down until the next tourist come raging in again next season. I'm sure that no one would want to find a job equivalent to that.
In addition to the difficulty in finding the perfect job, many owners and managers want to hire what they see as a "normal" person. There are so many discriminating people around these days. Most people are judged by their race, ideology, or the way they appear. Perhaps the owner does not prefer people who are overweight or homely. More than likely he or she is not going to hire that particular person. The next person that walks in for the job, even if he or she is less qualified for the job, has a better shot at getting the job. It is also troublesome because most places of employment are looking for a full time employee who can work the hours they need help with. Practically everyone has other responsibilities to take care of in their bustling lives.
Convenience is yet another strenuous issue. Looking for a job that has good hours because of the employee's children, school, or other obligations can be a challenge as well. Maybe the only hours that are able to be worked are when the youngsters are at school. The job must also be close enough to be able to drive there in a reasonable amount of time. For example, if I got a job in a town that was a hour away, I would have to examine how much it paid and if it was worth the drive. I have to drive forty-five minutes to get to work, and now I am currently hunting for a new job.
It is ashame that those in charge of hiring employees are as discriminating as they can bbe. Despite the distinct difficulties of job hunting, maybe some people get fortunate and land the perfect job. As for me, it has not been a leisurly task, and I am still looking for the job that is right for me.