Racism leads to fear?

Racism is prejudice, racism is discrimination, racism is fear. Racism is a major problem, it can be found everywhere is the globe. The causes of racism are; History, ignorance, and fear. "Lack of knowledge, lack of education, and lack of understanding." And the effort of racism are; Sadness, anger, confusion, frustration, hatred, these efforts are appeared in the documentary movie-Bowling For Columbine.

Racism causes fear, but what causes racism? There are a few reasons; Histroy of different races, some hate each other because they have difficult histroies between their cultures in the past. Jokes about racist, people make fun of other races, and they think that is but truth, it is not, those jokes can hurt people.

In "Bowling For Columbine", the movie give an important information that racism oftenly occure to violence; mostly gun violence. In America, black people always uses guns to be the equirment to solve their problems with the white people. In 2002, over 5,000 innicent white American were injured by the guns of African-American in the states of America because of these problems; driving too slow, elder white people walked too slowly when they are crossing the road too slow, open fire into random houses, argument between other skin colour people any many other reasons.

Although, racism is a major problem in the world and it leads to fear, people racists because they are lack of knowledge about racism. Now, racism is illegal in many countries, and many countries have racism educations to the kids and teenagers in their school, racism won\'t be a servious problem in the future, so it won\'t leads to fear.