Racism in Flags

Racism can be represented in many forms. Flags are on of them. Flags can be used to
represent something. Many flags mean different things such as freedom, democracy and respect
for something such as a country. However, some flags can been seen as something bad or
something that they disprove of, but to another person it can be something they believe in. What
I am talking about is racism and how it can be shown in flags.

The Confederate flag is a very controversial flag. Some people see it as a flag that
represents the United Statesí History. Other people do not like the flag because it reminds them
of the time in the United States history where there was a lot of slavery, violence and hate. The
flag was used by the Confederacy when fighting the Yankees in the Civil War. The flag is still
used in some of the state flags of the USA. The states that use the confederate flag in their state
flag are Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, and Alabama. The flag is used in the
Army for ceremonies and for graduation. Some African American officers do not like to use the
flag, and argue that it is stands for racism and hate. Other officers say that they use the flag just
for the tradition and to keep the history. To some the flag may seem to be just a plain piece of
history but to others it can be real painful just to look at because it may have caused some pain to
the person personally or to their family in the past. One reason why this flag, to some people,
stands for racism is because there are some hate and racist groups that use the confederate flag.
Some people just want to ban the confederate flag but other people say that would be going
against the first amendment in the United States, which is freedom of speech. Banning the flag
may not be bad but its the principal of keeping the flag to show that we can handle this flag by
having the right to wave that flag but we can show that we donít need to. I think that just because
we can do something does not mean we should do it.

In World War II a man named Adolf Hitler introduced a flag that he used to represent a
group he made up called Nazis. The flag has a real famous symbol in the middle of it, the symbol
is called a swastika, it looks like a cross (mabey he thought of it like a religion) and the ends of the
cross were bent in a clockwise direction. The flag probably has the same impact it did then as it
does today. When people see the swastika it almost every person will think of Nazis or the World
War II and the bad things that happen in the war. The Nazi flag is still used today by hate and
racist groups. The swastika used to mean the sun and good luck and many different things to
other religions. That shows how something can just change so easily from one meaning to
another. The flag now would never be viewed as good unless someone stood for what the
swastika stands for. The flag has been shown to other countries as a bad symbol and something
they do not want in there country, so the following counties banned the Nazi flag, Germany,
Israel, France, and Italy. That may have been a good idea to ban them but again we have the
right of freedom of speech but that does not mean we should use that swastika for anything. But
then again the swastika changed its meaning so fast mabey we can change it again to something

The use of hate flags and symbols is still around but another problem is the creation of
new flags and symbols. There are also flags that are racist but not many people are familiar with
them. There are flags out there people do not know what they stand for or represent. There is
one flag with FAP written on it which is used by one of Germanys most violent racist groups.
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