Qualities of Marriage

ENG 095-097

15 March 2004

Marriage can be a wonderful, lifelong experience for those who find a compatible partner. Both people must be consistent and dedicated to one and other. Making the decision to marry someone should be considered very serious, both mentally and emotionally. Marriage should be based on true love and mutual respect, amongst other qualities to make it overall successful. There are three particularly important qualities that every marriage should have, aside from love.

High expectations may derive from positive thoughts, but usually have a negative effect; depending on the reaction of the spouse. Sometimes in a marriage, a husband or a wife may expect too much from the other. Being united as one in a marriage should not conflict with individuality. Setting reasonable goals for each other would most likely turn out positive. Ideally, leaving little room for disappointments and more room for acceptance. Most importantly expectations about building a family should be discussed before marriage to determine true compatibility

The decision whether or not to have children should be mutual. Having children can bring love and growth to a marriage. When a husband and wife have children together it brings emotional experiences that are lifelong. A marriage either grows together or apart from these experiences. Children can help a marriage develop from parenting and learning important responsibilities together. A married couple with children may need to work harder to keep the relationship of their marriage healthy.

Problems are inevitable. The skills to solve problems effectively must be present in all marriages. At times, the way couples go about trying to solve a problem may actually be more important then the problem itself. Good communication skills can make it easy for a spouse to be honest about their opinion. Being able to convey true feelings and thoughts about issues can effectively help solve problems. Good listening skills are vital when a spouse wants to communicate an idea. Listening can elevate the level of understanding between couples; making it easier to compromise a solution.

Marriage is a marination of many ingredients. Sometimes couples can have unreasonable expectations for each other. Acceptance within reason can go a long way in a marriage. The decision to have children should be mutual. Children can brighten the lives of married couples; therefore effective problem solving in all aspects, starting with the marriage itself would be most helpful. Communication and good listening skills should be priority when faced with a dilemma. With these qualities in place, a loving and successful marriage could prevail.