Pygmalion Review Sheet
February 19, 2004

10 English

George Bernard Shaw:

× Born in Dublin, Ireland

× Social Realist

× Dramatized social and political debate

× Fabian Society (socialist)

× Vegetarian/ Teetotater ˘hated÷ Shakespeare

× Wasnlt a stylist or a psychologist, but drama has power of invention

× Shape dialoge-Ë ˘great ear÷

× Lack of sentimentality

× Quick humor

× Humor in drama, and drama in humor

× Mythopoetic

× Term ˘Shawian÷ describes

o Wit

o Iconoclasm

o Polemicism


o Pygmalion (1913)

o Saint Joan

o Arms and The Man

o Heartbreak House

o Man and Superman

o Major Barbara