Proís and Conís to Abortion

I chose to write this paper on my sole opinion. To me abortion should be between the people that are directly involved in that particular case.

The pros or plus side to abortions to me are as follows. Say a women is raped at 17 yrs of age, she canít have that baby. So if taking care of properly and in a timely fashion, I donít see a problem with an abortion. Another example is older women. Some older women end up pregnant, by accident and they realize they are too old to have a child. Like said before I think if recognized early and taken care of soon I donít see the problem. I more or less see you doing that unborn child a favor. Financial situations are also a factor. If a couple mistakenly gets pregnant and they are very financially unstable, then I could see abortion as an options. To me by bringing that child into poverty stricken family would only make thing harder and worse for everyone, including the baby.

Then there are the negative sides of abortion. Pending on who you talk to, abortion is wrong because at the moment of conception there is new life. So if you abort the embryo, youíre basically murdering someone. Then there are the rights of the unborn child, if they are human they should have rights. Another argument is that the women herself had a choice to use birth control and if she neglected that she should face her consequences.

I personally go either way. To me it all depends on the person. In the end they are the one who are going to have to make that decision. I donít think there is a right or wrong answers. But I do feel that abortions being legal is a good thing, because imagine what women what have to go through if they werenít.