Project Procedure

Purpose: How does the amount of fertilizer affect the growth of plants
Hypothesis: The plant that gets the no fertilizer will take longer to become lush and green but will die quick too. The Plant with the right amount of fertilizer will take longer to become lush and green but will live longer.

-Two Mini African violets -- Jorga Hildrie (my mentor)
- One small bag of African violet food (5.5 oz)– Jorga Hildrie (my mentor)
-1 bag of potting soil—Jorga Hildrie (my mentor)
- One growth light -- Jorga Hildrie (my mentor)
-Two 3 inches pots – Jorga Hildrie (my mentor)
- 12 inch ruler – personal
- note book -- personal


First take the 2 plants and put them in the three-inch pots. Carefully place the soil in the pots around the plants leaving a ˝ inch height from the top of the soil to the top of the pot. After you place the soil in the pot, slowly pat down the soil to make it nice and firm. Make a 2 labels, one saying, “ feed”, the other saying, “ don’t feed.” Before you feed the plants the fertilizer measure the plants height by putting the bottom of the ruler on top of the soil and write down the measurements for both plants. Read the back of the fertilizer packet and fallow the directions on how to feed the plant (cause the plant varies in sizes). Now feed the plant that says feed the correct amount of fertilizer that it says in the back of the packet. Now feed the “feed” plant 3 times a week with the fertilizer and water the plant (make sure you water both plants the same amount. And the plant that says, “don’t feed” don’t feed it the fertilizer just water it. And once weeks measure it and write down the results on your notebook paper. If you want you can take Polaroid’s of the progress of your plant.

Some of the controls that I am using in my project are the same types of plants. I will have is the temperature it will be keep at 70 degrees (room temp). I also have to keep the amount of fertilizer that each plant is getting the same amount of water. The type of light that I’m gonna use is a growth light so that the plants wont get different types of light. And that about all the controls in my project.