Probation is a form of punishment in our society today; It is where a prisoner is let out in to the society and aloud to work and live at home, but he/she must report to a probation officer. There are about 70% of the people whom are in the criminal justice system that are on probation. Probation was founded, in a Boston courtroom in the year 1841, by a shoemaker John Augustus. He was mainly concerned with the people that were brought before the court for alcohol-related offenses.
He tried out probation by screening the prisoners that he wanted to help. He had stated the “Great care was observed of course, to ascertain the prisoners were promising subjects for probation, and to this it was necessary to take into consideration the previous character of the person, his age, and the influences by which he would in the future be likely to be surrounded.” Augustus has been recognized as the “Father of Probation”.
By 1878, Massachusetts had passed that probation would be a form of the criminal justice system and authorized to have a paid staff which are probation officers.
The American Correctional Association (ACA) Had supported probation. They felt that some prisoners can still be controlled out side of the prison community. A probation officer from Boston , Elizabeth Tuttle, had described he work. She gave some history of probation and then made a remark “We try to keep them out of prison when we can.” That statement has been the probation goal .
In 1907, some probation officers started an association for themselves. The National Association of probation officers at the National Conference of Charities and Corrections. That same year a judge by the name of Judge Mack noted that families with a family member in prison would suffer more than the one in prison. So letting a Criminal out to support his/her family.
Probation is a good idea for today’s society when it used fairly. A person who commits a serious crime should not bet put back out on the streets by the way of probation. However a person commits a minor crime, or just a first offense of a minor crime should be allowed the second chance along with the supervision of a probation officer.
Probation is also a great way to keep the prisons get too over crowded. since there is more criminals out on probation than criminals in prison this is a great way.
I Agree on the fact that the whole family should not have to suffer on behalf of one person. So allowing a prisoner to work and give the support that his family needs helps other people from getting in to any kind of trouble trying to survive.
In other words I feel that if we did not have Probation today the prisons would be more difficult to run, and society would have to pay a lot more money to the criminal justice system.