Pro Same-Sex Marriage
When it comes to marriage, I feel everyone should have that right. Marriage is a very important decision, which no one should interfere with. For instance, here is a passage from Patricia Nell Warren\'s essay entitled Homosexuality Is a Legitimate Choice.

"Today some radical-right church leaders wish to bend APA[i] policy [which denies that homosexuality is not a disorder] to their belief that homosexuality is a crime, no different than murder and theft-as per some passages of the Old and New Testament. In their view, gay people SHOULD choose therapy, because they OUGHT to stop being gay. In their view, all therapy should reflect penal law, and all penal law should reflect the Bible."

The fact is marriage has a spiritual significance, a familial significance, and it is a social statement describing and defining one\'s place and relationship in society. Marriage also has it\'s benefits by law that everyone should have when they are married, and no one should be denied this right. However, they are and the other side is fighting vigorously to win, but lets face it they are loosing the struggle. I am going to talk about three issues that effect same-sex marriage first it is their choice of sexual orientation, how does same-sex marriage effect the children, and lastly my whole argument gay and lesbians should be allowed to get married everywhere in the U.S.

If the U.S. is to remain a nation, where church and state are separated, then we must acknowledge our citizens\' right of choice in how each of them perceive sexual orientation. Offering people, this choice of sexual orientation does not mean (as some church people insist) that we would be opening the door to legalizing bestiality, rape, exploitation of minors, etc. Homosexuals are not asking to engage in polygamy, incest, or bestiality. They are simply asking to engage in monogamous non-incestuous relationships with people they love. Just as heterosexual\'s do, there is no difference accept in sexual orientation. John Gorvino a respected journalist wrote in his essay Society Should Accept Homosexuality.

"All told, the Polygamy Incest, and Bestiality challenge is no longer on rhetorical flourish than on philosophical cogency. There is no logical connection between any of the four phenomena. Why, then, do traditionalists continue to put forth this red herring? Perhaps it\'s because they\'ve ran out of genuinely plausible arguments against homosexuality and so they\'re grasping at straws."

I agree with John on this topic, if one is born a homosexual or even chooses to be homosexual then in return they are met with extreme opposition. In addition, how does it that legalizing homosexual marriage will lead to the polygamy, incest, or bestiality. The whole argument is absurd. I feel they should stick their noses out of other people\'s business and then this would not be such an issue today. Moreover, how can you deny someone the right to marry because "God says it is wrong" did they actually have a discussion with him yesterday or even today for that matter. It is their choice again; as it is my choice to be heterosexual, it does not make them any different from me. In addition, it is obvious that homosexuality has been with humanity since the beginning, if not read your historical textbooks, plus homosexuality is not a disorder studies from the APA say so. Finally, yet importantly homosexuality appears to be a part of human personality. Who knows why humans have it, there are a lot of mysteries that cannot be solved, but forget about all the what\'s and how\'s it is here to stay apparently. In addition, just as the civil rights movement did in the 1960\'s I feel the homosexual movement will overcome and eventually become accepted in our society.

Another controversial subject that goes together with same-sex marriage and even exist without their marriage is homosexual\'s parental right over their children. Weather someone was in a heterosexual relationship before, had children, divorced and then went into a homosexual relationship afterward, or if they decide to adopt a child. Either way they a parents, but in some states they get their parental rights stripped away from them due to their sexual orientation.

"There is no evidence to suggest or support that parents with a gay, lesbian, or bisexual orientation