Prize of Perils

Supported Opinion Paragraph

It seems to me that Jim Raeder is an intensely courageous and adventurous individual. Jim Raeder is clearly daring, he shows this by taking on the challenge of these thrill shows where his life is very much at risk. Anyone who by his own will chooses to go on a show where they must land an airplane with a broken engine while being 50 000 feet in the air or engages in one on one combat with a bull without any previous training is remarkably brave. During the duration of the show Prize of Pearls where Jim Raeder was being chased by his hunters he never made any mistakes, mistakes are usually made out of fear or panic and by not making any mistakes he shows that he was never afraid. He went throughout the entire thrill show without exhibiting any fright in the face of death. His actions showed that he did not fear danger but on the contrary he welcomed it. Jim Raeder is the kind of a person who seeks for excitement, even though he almost lost his life it was not because of stupidity it was because of the animal instinct of adventure. Abraham Lincoln once said ĎAt the end of your life it isnít the amount of years in your life that count, Itís the amount of life in your years.í Although Raeder nearly got himself slaughter and put his life in jeopardy his life for money, in the seven days that he was being prey for the hunters he got more action than some people see in their entire lives. A wise man once stated ĎA smooth sea never made for a skillful marinerí a person must be challenged with something that they are doubted to do and then they must complete the task, and only that will make them stronger than when the first started out. Raeder did not only gain the money that he was offered and the fame of the whole world watching and knowing him, but he enhanced his survival skills, his self-esteem and self-confidence. Jim Raeder is not unintelligent he is just a fearless individual who derives joy from challenging experiences.