Privatized Universities
v The Team Line:

The Kingdome of Saudi Arabia should allow privatization for universities.

It will give a chance to post-school graduates who got a low average and cannot get into public universities.

Older people who did not have the opportunity to attend universities in a younger age are now able to do so.

In private universities the students will be able to choose from a wide variety of subjects and majors and will not face a problem in the seating of popular subjects.

The services in the privatized universities will be much better than those found in governmental ones. For example;

o Internet service.

o Large computer labs open for all students including printers and copying machines.

o Parking lots.

Private universities will gave a chance for a bigger share of investments inside the country.

In private universities they follow the news and best methods of teaching and to help their students as much as possible unlike public universities that have the same old rotten with out change.

Private universities give chances for their students who have the will to go on after higher degrees and my help them to get scholarships.

There will be a competition between the private and public universities in the education each of them trying to be the best as we can see in some of the US universities such as Yale and Harvard.

It will help to raise the standard of education in the country by allowing many different fields and major not available in the public universities.

Private universities would make contracts with the best teachers and professors in the world to come teach in their campuses making education climb to higher levels.

v Round off:

In the end we the affirmative team think that the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia should permit private universities. in the end we would like from all of our audience to take the time to think of our lecture and put it into consideration.