Private Aspects Should Not be Publicized

Marissa’s Persuasive Essay-

Is it anyone’s right to know about the private lives of others? Is it anyone’s business to know what’s happening behind closed doors? If it is, then everyone in the world would know too much about others, and it sure is not like that. Obviously, personal issues are kept away from the public for many reasons. People get preconceived ideas about others. Image becomes overly important and unfortunately substance and truth becomes second place to that image.
Some people feel that in order to create honesty in their life, the world must be aware of their lifestyle. Those people who are insistent upon coming out, with every detail of their life, must be prepared to receive the slings and arrows that a world generally steeped in prejudice will administer.
In one man’s opinion, everything should be a secret. He did not enjoy the insults aimed toward him about being "a queer." His name was Tommi Avicolli. He mentions in his article that people always had their own opinions about him before even getting to know him. "To avoid harassment, I spent many summers alone in my room. I went out on rainy days when the streets were empty." Tommi deals with harsh, mental abuse from the children around himself, and must find a way of escaping this harm.
In the novel Jack, A.M. Homes, Jack was visualized as something different than what he actually was. There were more than a few circumstances that occurred, however these two are most remembered. The first time was when he had the word, faggot written upon his locker in marker only because people knew that his dad was gay. The second time was when Maggie had told him, "I used to think you were really… I dunno, kind of a jerk or something. But you’re not." Jack was perceived as some fool rather than the sweet kid that he really was, in both situations. Things that need to be private are that of which are going to create a negative image. Therefore people hide information about themselves. When "the boy" in scene five was confronted about his sexuality by a priest, who felt that, "a male’s sole purpose in life was to father children- souls for the church to save," the boy realized that the only hope of him being homosexual was by remaining silent. This is an example of someone who had to hide a negative characteristic about themselves.
Where does a private lifestyle end where it does not affect those who surround that person? How much of one’s lifestyle is going to get in the way of responsibilities. This is not limited to just being gay. A gay person could spend too much time with his or her lover just as a workaholic can spend too much time at his or her work and not with their family. Similarly, drug addicts spend too much time with drugs. Any given lifestyle whether it be homosexual, heterosexual, religious, ethnic or even racial, should never be an issue providing that the individual is able to live up to his or her responsibilities. Some lifestyles are easier to hide than others, like someone’s religious background versus someone’s sexual preference.
As long as those who choose to keep aspects of their life private do not disturb others by their actions, then it should be alright with each person. Things that need to be private are usually that of which are going to create a negative image. In order to prevent that from occurring, others remain privy to confidential knowledge.