Prisons, society’s nightmare. Prisons today (and throughout history) are not doing the job that they are intended to do. When someone is incarcerated they are sent to prison to be rehabilitated. The basic premise is to make them sit, isolated to think about their wrong doing, the ultimate time-out. In some cases it actually works, but in most it doesn’t. All that it does is build anger and resentment towards the system. That causes them to want to get back at the system, thus repeat offenders. This needs to be changed to allow only those that are Psychologicaly fit to re-enter society.

Currently a prisoner is sentenced for a fixed time and know when they will be released. During that time they are held under strict supervision and are required to conform completely. The prisoner is oppressed in a total tyranny in which the have no freedom. That causes the prisoner to build up and brood over hostile feeling that that they have been acquiring during their time of incarceration. This causes them to become even more dangerous than before.

While in prison a prisoner is subjected to total demoralization and isolation. A prisoner is given a jumpsuit, the same as everyone else’s. That causes them to loose their identity and be come one with the prison population. They are forced into assimilating themselves into the prison. By loosing who they are, their desire to regain themselves is high. They desire to be noticed, and to most of them, being noticed is by doing some illegal act.

Being forced into a stiff regimen of events, all personal control is lost and control is being forced upon them. It is proven, at least with most people, that force someone to do something causes them to resent it even more. Now that causes some to never return to prison, but their are the others that take out that resentment on society when they are released. Taking out resentment on society causes them only to return to prison once again, where the whole process begins again.

Being totally demoralized and socialized like this cause those that are stronger and have a mental disorder that causes them to be a criminal (i.e. anti-social personality disorder (ASPD)), start to rebuild the prisoner in the image of themselves. That cause those who have a weak will to take on the attitude of those who are inherently criminal. When this happens the releaser prisoner will act according to the views imposed by those whose sufferer from a mental disorder and are unable to act in any other fashion.

The prisoners are treated as society views them, as criminal not people. For example, there is a ten year old girl. All of her class mates call her a slut. As she, and her class mates. get older it becomes more severe, instead of calling her a slut they treat her as one. Eventually she will start to dress in skimpier and skimpier, more provocative (slutty) clothing. By the ages of fifteen or sixteen guys will start to look at her as an object for sex, and not who she really is. Within a year or two she will start to ‘realize’ that in order to get a boyfriend that wants to be with her she will need to act as he views her. Society viewed the girl as a slut and eventually she became one in order to become part of society. The same thing happens with prisoners. They become what society tells them that they are.
A prison should be set up similar to that of a psychiatric hospital. When a prisoner is sentenced he/she should be incarcerated for an indefinite amount of time. During that time the prisoner is to be treated for whatever causes them to commit the crimes that they do. There would be multiple levels to the prison. Each level would be more severe of a treatment that the previous. The inmate would have to work his/her way down though each level below them before being released. Being incarcerated for an indefinite period would allow the doctors to determine when a patient is mentally fit to return to the outside world.

The levels would range from an inpatient version of a psychiatists office,