Prison Luxuries

Prison inmates do not deserve the luxuries they have. "Websters New
Collegiate Dictionary defines a prisoner as a person deprived of his liberty
and kept under involuntary restraint, confinement, or custody." By that
definition why would we want to give someone who is supposed to be
deprived of his liberties, three hot meals, one hot shower, a place to sleep,
cable television, and a college education, all free of charge because society no
longer wants him.

I feel that prisoners should not receive luxuries, they are supposed to
be punished. Instead of punishing them we are babying them by giving them
what they want. If the prisoners don\'t like the conditions of prison, they may
petition to receive what they want. Not too long ago in the news, inmates
were upset about the conditions of the beds, saying that they were too
uncomfortable. So what happens they got new beds. Come on now these
people are in prison for doing a crime of injustice. Why should they receive
more than a homeless person. The homeless might as well be commiting
crimes just to have a place to sleep and a meal in their stomachs.

Luxuries like cable television should not be given to prisoners; they are
in a state penitentiary not a Hyatt. Prisoners should be given books not
televisions, therefore improving their minds, not simplifying them. By giving
prisoners televisions, all we are doing is making their lives more comfortable
while they stay in the penitentiary.

The availability of a college education is a luxury that a "prisoner" has.
What the hell is this? We give out college educations now! Well I guess so
because the inmates sure are receiving them, and all free of charge. Wow
that is just great! While I have to pay for a class, prisoners receive the same
teachings for free. Wait a minute, it\'s not for free. I have to pay for it. I
have to pay for someone elses education out of my taxes, out of my hard
earned money, and all that the inmate worked for is his or her hard earned
time. So I\'m paying twice for a course I only took once.

What we need to do in America about our corrections system is reform
it to be stricter and get rid of the wants of the prisoner and leave them with
the necessities of life. They don\'t need luxuries. If we leave them with just
the necessities then the human rights board will intervene and say that it is
unfair and cruel.

If our system is supposedly working well enough then why are we
building more prisons. The thought of prison life in the minds of young
individuals seems easy, so they do the crime anyway. They know they will
have it easy on the inside with the luxuries they will receive so they might as
well do it. Well all that needs to change hopefully in the near future it will.