Princess Diana

English 102

Essay 3

It is built into our human nature to be suspicious. We all seem to have the need to question everything. Every news station and reporter hunts down the undercover stories, which are being hidden, because the public cannot seem to get enough. The truth is that we love the intrigue that there is another hidden side to every story, and we believe that we have a responsibility to enlighten others about the “truth.” These truths are called conspiracy theories, and many times they are no more than people beliefs without any evidence or credibility. Never the less, we will stop to listen to the claims and wage our own investigations. We are so fascinated and engulfed by these conspiracy stories that a major motion picture was written about the subject. One of the most famous conspiracies of our time is that which surrounds the death of Princess Diana.

There are many versions of the night in which Princess Diana lost her life. The first version delivered to the masses was that, a drunk driver struck her car. Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were killed when intoxicated driver Henri Paul’s car slammed into a wall in a Paris tunnel on Aug. 31, 1997. This version of the tragedy sounds not only credible but also makes the death of Princess Diana a horrible accident. However, Paul’s parents do not believe that this is the truth; they believe that their son and his involvement in the death of Princess Diana is a conspiracy to cover up what really happened.

They believe that their son’s blood was switched in order to make it look like Paul was drunk, in order to cover up the real individuals involved in the murder. Mohamed Al Fayed believes Diana and his son, Dodi, were really murdered. The supposed motive: to prevent the princess from marrying an Egyptian-born Muslim and perhaps providing a future king of England with a Muslim half brother or sister. (Varin1) There is a popular notion about the Royal family that they do not accept other children, which are born to non-royals such as Princess Diana who only married into the Royal family. However, the fact of the matter is there have been many mistresses of former royals who bore children, and they were not killed. Prince William is the future heir to the throne, that is already established, and unless he passes away it will remain the plan.

Mohamed Al Fayed has accused the British security services of orchestrating the crash, which killed Diana and his son. Mr. Fayed said they knew that Diana was indeed pregnant and planning to marry Dodi Fayed. His lawyers have presented circumstantial evidence in the case to prove Diana’s pregnancy. Princess Diana’s own friends reject Al Fayed’s allegations. However, undeterred Fayed hired researchers in order to seek the truth. His team requested the release of Princess Diana’s postmortem report. The researchers noted Diana\'s body was embalmed only hours after her death, and that such an action was unusual, because a postmortem had not been done. They said it was even more unusual because Dodi Fayed\'s body was not embalmed as quickly. (Ryan, ABC News) Fayed team concluded that embalming Diana before her postmortem would cause a negative result for the pregnancy test. However, there is no real proof to support any of the claims. In the end, Mohamed Al Fayed is in denial about the death of his son and Princess Diana he needs to search for another reason to make the death less painful.

His concentration on the supposed conspiracy keeps him for really accepting his son’s death and postpones having to deal with all the full repercussions of the horrible ideal.

Fayed’s lawyers also present some evidence in reference to the supposed drunk driver Paul Henri. There were claims that Paul was not drunk at the time of the crash. In fact, Paul Henri was an alleged alcoholic, yet his liver was undamaged, which is unusual for someone who suffers from alcoholism. Never the less, there is not much evidence to prove that these theories are indeed the hidden truth.

Some believe that there was a huge fear that Princess Diana would marry Dodi a Muslim. This is the main reason for her murder. However, others will