Primary Intelligence

Analyze your primary intelligence using the links provided in the chapter. Prepare a list of work areas that are most suitable to your primary intelligence.

After my analysis of my primary intelligence I have found that mine is spatial. The areas of work most likely to suit me are: computer analyst, designer, architecture and computer drafting.

This project requires you to analyze the strategies for technical professional’s course with respect to its relevance to other courses in your curriculum, and with respect to its benefit to your chosen career field. After participating in class discussions of this session, write a report on how the skills learned in this course will benefit your career.

The skills I learned in this class will not only benefit me in my career but in my life. I can apply these skills to a number of areas in my professional and personal life. What this class has given me is the base and root ability so that I may branch out and watch grow through all phases of business and life. It will be something that I can always go back too if need be.

Having the aptitude that this course has given me will assist in my career by making me think about my problems and obstacles in an analytical way. I will know that when they do arise that I will have the confidence to make my way through it without hindrance. I will know how to identify and fix crisis’ calmly and understand that all can be done efficiently.