President Bill Clinton has been impeached and will now be brought to trial in the Senate. Can the people of the United States trust a leader that has lied so many times in the past? Clinton should be removed from office; a dishonest person should not lead the nation. President Clinton should be removed from office because his actions were immoral, the presidency is now mocked by foreign nations, and he committed perjury.

President Clinton acted in an immoral way. He not only broke the law by committing adultery, but he also exercised poor judgement. Judgement is one of the key qualities a president must possess. If Clinton cannot make exemplary judgements about his personal life, how can he effectively make judgements that affect the nation? Clinton lied on numerous occasions not only to his family, but also to the country. When President Clinton made his apology to the nation, he did not seem sincere and showed no remorse for his actions. Clinton did not really act as if he had done anything wrong and will probably continue his actions in the future.

Foreign countries now mock the presidency, which makes the whole country look inferior. In other countries, a political figure would resign if they were guilty of something such as perjury or adultery. Even in the United States House of Representatives, Bob Livingston announced that he would step down from the position of Speaker of the House after it was made public that he had an affair. Livingston said he accepted responsibility for his actions and wanted to set an example for Clinton. Clinton cares more about covering up his mistakes than the country and should not remain in office. Furthermore, Clinton bombed Iraq just to sway the media’s attention from his impeachment hearings. Clinton would kill innocent people just to protect his political career. Foreign leaders may not trust Clinton now because he has lied so many times in the past. Also, foreign countries may see that the country is in a state of turmoil and try to invade.

President Clinton committed a federal offense by lying under oath to the Supreme Court. If the President can not be trusted to tell the truth, how can he be trusted to lead the country? A president must possess the quality of being honest. If Clinton makes a promise to do something, many people will remain skeptical until it is actually done. Clinton has had many other affairs in the past and has lied about them. If Clinton has done the same thing time and time again, he will probably continue to do so in the future. In addition, the Constitution only specifies one task that the President must uphold. The one thing that is required of Clinton is to enforce the laws that are passed by Congress. How can Clinton enforce these laws if he is the one breaking them?

Clinton acted immorally, lost the respect of foreign nations, and lied under oath. If a president breaks a law such as that of perjury, he does not deserve to remain president. Mr. Clinton has lost the trust of the country; and therefore, should not continue his term.