Presidency in Trouble

Joshua Lang
Civics 1st Hr.

In this report I will be answering questions like should Clinton be impeached or
should he resign. Also I will have other peoples opinions on our president. I will also
give you my opinion on the president.
Right now our president is in a bit of trouble for lying in the Grand Jury about the
Lewinsky sex scandal. The reason he is in so much trouble is because when you lie in
the Grand Jury that is perjury which then could impeach Clinton.

What are the Poll results?

38% think Clinton should resign and 60% think that Clinton should stay in office.
And 41% of the people think that he should be impeached and 57% think he should not
be impeached.

Should Clinton Ride This Mess Out?

I think Clinton should resign and if he did ride this mess out I think he would
end up being impeached.

How Much Does Impeachment Cost?

The longest impeachment would take about 5 months for the whole thing. It
would take $40,000,000 for Kenís investigation and $25,000,000 for the trial.

Should President Resign?

I think Clinton should resign because there are many charges against Clinton.
For Nixon resigned due to 1 charge against him where Clinton should resign because he
has many charges against him..

What is an impeachable offense?

An impeachable offense is a felony , a lie under oath, obstruction of justice,
witness tampering, or abuse of power.

In Newsweek magazine Ken Starr said that Clinton has 11 charges against him.
1. Lying under oath in his civil case he denied his relationship about Lewinsky. 2. Lied
about his relationship with Lewinsky to the grand jury. 3.Lied about being with Lewinsky
alone and gave her gifts. 4. Also lied about discussions with Lewinsky regarding the
Paula Jones case. These were all the times president Clinton lied under oath. 5. Clinton
had a understanding with Lewinsky and obstructed justice by concealing gifts he gave
her. 6. He tried to conceal the truth about their relationship. 7.Clinton used his power as
president to help Lewinsky get a job. 8. Clinton lied under oath one more time when he
had discussions with Vernon Jordan about Lewinsky. 9. Clinton tampered with witness
Betty Currie,his secretary in the days after his civil deposition . 10. Refused to testify for
seven months and lying to senior White House aides. And the last charge was abuse of
power. He lied to Congress and the public in January, 1998 about his relationship with
Lewinsky. He did not cooperate fully with the grand jury investigation and again lied to
the nation on August 17, 1998 when he had a chance to again tell the truth.

Should Clinton Be a Role Model

I believe the president of the United states is a role model in this country and
throughout the world. I the past , the President was offen a hero , father, husband and
leader.A man you respected and trusted.

I think President Clinton should be a role model. I think a President should show
a kid leadership , good choices , and hard work. President Clinton has continued to do
his job , but his personal conduct deserves no respect.

Bill Clinton is no better than bad athletes , who misbehave , and break the law; [
like Michael Irvin of the Dallas Cowboys.] All role models should live within the law
like all people should.

In Summary

Again, I beleive President Clinton should resign from office and Al Gore should
become President for the remainig two years of Clintonís term.

I donít have a problem with Bill Clintonís job performance. I do have a problem
with his personal conduct. He has lost the respect of the American people by lying to the
Grand Jury and the nation too many times. Wake up Bill Clinton and resign.


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