Prejudice is the act of prejudging someone before you even know them, because of characteristics such as race, religion, size, age, gender, or disability. We read several short stories about people who experience prejudice because of race, religion, handicap, and physical deformity. The novel, Upon the Head of the Goat, by Aranka Siegal also described people experiencing severe prejudice as the Germans attempted to exterminate an entire race. I have never had to fear for my life, but I feel that I have experienced prejudice in my life because of my size. Here are some of the experiences of prejudice that I have experienced.

Sometimes, I have felt prejudice against me when sports teams were being chosen. It seemed as if captains would look at me and decide that I was fat, wouldnąt be very fast, or be very good and not choose me. In fact, I play hard and am fairly good at several sports. I feel like I can make a strong contribution to a team, and am hurt when captains donąt want me on their teams. In fact, there have been times when I have gotten on a team and done well. Then sometimes the kids that I have played with will choose me to be on their team again and the fat prejudice is broken. Because I have experience prejudice myself, and have been hurt by it, I try to avoid treating other people that way. Especially in sports, I try to give everyone a chance to prove themselves. Being the object of prejudice was very stressful for me, but I try to set up my own teams or play hard on whatever team I am on and have fun anyway.

Prejudice is a hurtful way of treating people differently because of their unique qualities rather than giving them a chance to prove themselves. Sometimes people respond by trying harder to prove themselves, but other people just give up. In sports, if you donąt give some people a chance, you might lose a good prospect to another team, or they might give up and never develop into the player they could have been. I think from my experience, it is best to give everyone a chance to prove themselves and then judge them by what they can do rather that what they look like. It will keep people from being hurt and might give a great player a chance to shine !