Praise The Lord

Inside all of us there is someone deep down inside you who controls our inner instincts and your urges to feel a sense of hostility in this cruel world.Some one who makes you believe when all of the odds are against you and you are scared all alone by your self weeping and asking for forgiveness after you have taken advantage of him.Even when he forgives you ,are you worthy of him.Are you scared to make the choice of all eternety.I know you can be scared. Im confused every day on the decisions I make to try to impress others but some how I now relies A voice from deep inside my inner child is yelling to me .I musnt be worthy of others like me but I must be worthy to the one true person who forfills me,the person who makes me whole and makes me wake up every morning striving towards my goals .Now I must make the decision that will change my life for ever ,I donít know how, But I know He will show me the way threw my bitterness and into the greatest love of all his love.His power will guide me to a place of happiness and satisfaction that only me as a acceptor of him will understand .Threw him can I achieve greatness and I can feel as though he knows I excist.As I sit here alone in worship with only him as family beside me I am discouraged and think to myself since I am the only one here of my blood how do I get the others to see the true beauty of our lord.

Do I have the right to feel envies of him ,just think what it must be like ,to be the man who has everything.But is that enough for him I believe deep in my heart that he will not stop his attempt for glory till he has the love of every one.Some may say that this is a greedy gesture but do you love your mother ?Do you love your father?Well he is our one and only true creator .If it wasnít for him you would not have a mother or a father to love you ,you would just be alone.So we need to give respect where it is truly earned .We must give him love straight from our hearts..He will accept you as a person when you accept him as your savior.Why are we so urged to base our lives on the beliefs ,feelings,thoughts, and opinions of others..Who are we to judge ,he is our lord ,so you should now beg for your forgiveness, and just believe.He will provide all the evidence you need if only in your heart you will truly believe.He will show you the light.He will show you the one and only true love.