Powerful beauty…Yeah right!

Title: Powerful beauty…Yeah right!

Purpose: To demonstrate that women are valued more for their looks than for what they have to offer.

Form: Herald Sun Article, Extra section.

Audience: Older and younger women.

§ Beautiful women accompanied the article, as did some women I had never heard of.

§ Beauty is a commercial product.

§ “Take power in your beauty”

§ The ad might as well have said “Get plastic surgery to be powerful”

§ So much has been lost of women’s power.

o Old knowledge handed from mother to daughter.

o The power of natural childbirth.

o Now it is classified into a category of beauty.

§ With this we are never truly filled and we remain hungry for what we have lost.

§ Economic possessions, credentials, titles and positions measure status and power.

§ Since when does beauty equal power? Many of the world’s most powerful leaders are much less that attractive.

§ Helena Christianson knows 6 languages but is only renound for her modeling prowess. She is recognized for her beautiful green eyes, her Scandinavian features and size 6 waistline.

§ Napoleon Bonaparte, royal family, many US presidents. Nobody ever uses beauty and power in the same sentence when describing them.

§ Its really irritating that a woman’s magazine believes that the only way women can exude power is through beauty, a quality which recipients are born into, rather than earned.

§ Its about time women are judged on their merits just the way men are.

o Nobody ever asks a world leader about his beauty regime.

o When a woman with power is interviewed, someone always asks about her clothing preference and how she pampers herself.

§ Beauty is a classification given to women by money hungry fashion designers, who think that all women should be under 50kg.


§ Pamela Anderson, Tyra Banks, Elle McPherson, Carmen Electra are the epitome of perfection.

o Every year millions of girls are hurting their bodies to be carbon copies of these sex symbols.

§ Power has existed forever without beauty, as it well should be, and now is not the time to blend the 2.

§ Power is something that is usually earned, not given by asset of being beautiful.

§ But what can you expect from the entertainment industry?

§ As long as these magazines are taken with a grain of salt, we’ll be ok.

§ If people actually start to believe what these make-up hawkers and model agencies write about, then we’re in trouble.

§ Then again, we now have the highest growing rate in plastic surgery treatment in over 15 years.