Marcelo Ortiz
Period ¾

$ 520,000,000,000. This amount of money represents the net worth of just 2 of the top Fortune 500 companies of the world. There are many problems in the world today, with the most destructive problem being poverty. This is the worst because it kills and leaves many homeless and hungry everyday. It is also the worst problem because it would be the easiest to resolve. The way to solve it is to have all the world leaders pool together their money and give it to the poorer countries. Of course, this will never happen because everybody is too greedy to share their are 2 major contributors to world poverty, and those are political leaders and Fortune 500 company leaders like Bill Gates. My next few paragraphs will explain how these rich people produce poverty stricken countries.

Poverty in most countries includes homelessness, hunger, low incomes if any, drug use, and being uneducated. These big corporate countries contribute to this with slave labor. Slave labor normally takes place in poor countries, which are poor because of very wealthy people. These companies are able to purchase small governments and use the citizens to do slave labor work for six cents an hour and need to spend 3 times that much to feed themselves and their families.

When the politicians and companies begin producing slave labor countries, the countries economy drops. When their economies lower, prices get too high for the six cent an hour, 14 hour shifts. When the prices rise too high for food and necessities, the population resorts to crime and drugs. This results in more hopeless ambitions that the people hold. In one tactic of slave labor used by NIKE, they have armed guards in the factory to prevent the Malaysian workers from going home. They are then forced into a four hour overtime.

Then there are the political leaders who put in their two cents to poverty. They produce the snowball effect in the taxing system. The lower the class, the more proportional tax to the paycheck that the more wealthy people. This results in an even poorer lower class. Then the people begin to steal and waste what little money they have on drugs. This chain reacts to a higher crime and drug percentage in poor neighborhoods.

The only real solution to this problem would mean having all the political leaders and company leaders to share money and power. This solution may never be possible because it is human nature to be greedy, even though some people are better at it than others. The reason these companies become so big is because everybody buys the product. So one realistic solution to end company power and poverty would be to boycott large name brand products. Another solution to the political power and the inevitable poverty would be information to the people about slave labor and greedy governments. These are my views and solutions to one the world’s biggest unresolved problem.