Positive activities at MHS

John Thomason

In this paper that I am submitting is just some of the positive activities at Monroe High School that teenagers can get involved in. Getting involved to me means to take part in things that are happening. So here are some of the things that a teenage girl just might be or want to get themselves involved in at Monroe High School. it may include getting invelvd in sports, clubs, organizations, or society\'s.
Cheerleading for example, it includes commitment, concentration, working hard, and good leadership skills. it also includes practices two to threedays a week for two to three hours each day. These two to three practices a day are not including the games for either basketball or Football which are one to two hours a day for one to two dys a week.
Softball is activity offered at Monroe High School. It also includes commitment, working hard, concentration and good leadership skills with the practices and games every day for two to three hours a day after school.
Now those are just examples although, there other things you can do besides play sports. There are clubs and organizations such as the National Honor Society which is to honor students for outstanding performancesin all areas of scholarship, character, leadership and services, and it allows them to work tese ideals in their fellow students by example and direct involvement. To be a member you must have a CGPA of 3.4 or higher, Nine hours of community service, participatation in chapter-wide service project and regular commitee work,and compliance with school rule and civil laws. National honor Society is a participatory organization, not an honary one. It\'s a responsibility rather than an honor. If thats not "positive activity" i don\'t know what is because it seems to me that the National Honor Society has more responsibility than any sport, club, oganization, or society offered at Monroe High School.