Pornography and Freedom of Speech

When the first amendment was written, it was not intended to be used
as an excuse for society to make such filth as pornography obtainable to men,
women, and children alike. The pornography situation of today’s society
significantly contributes to the decline of the country’s moral standards in
several different ways (Leone 105). The many different types of pornography
pose a sobering threat to society in general and the family in particular by
presenting them with sinister dangers. Perhaps because they are aware of
these dangers, the government has recently become involved in the tough
decision-making concerning pornography. The Communications Decency
Act has been a specific issue of major controversy along with several studies
that research the facts of pornography. Fortunately, several major software
companies have developed programs that can assist in protecting oneself and
one’s family from pornography on the Internet (Levy 1). Parents should also
be encouraged to help protect their children by closely monitoring how their
time is spent online. When all is considered it is obvious that this country
has a moral obligation to protect the population from the dangers and
indecency of pornography.
Pornography and all of its vices serve as a moral setbacks for this
country and all who are a part of it. Through pornography, there are many
fears that have come to life as harmful images have been offered into the
homes of families everywhere. Part of the reason that pornography has
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become so dangerous is because of its ability to provoke and extremely
selfish attitude in those who are involved in it. This attitude basically says,
“I want to see what I want to see” (Leone 106), and is a narcissistic,
self-indulgent, and socially irresponsible view to take. When people assume
this sort of attitude it is not only detrimental to them, but to everyone who is
associated with them, as well. This is so because “pornography tells...people
that sexual activity need not to be related to love, morality, commitment , or
responsibility” (Leone 103). Instead, sex has become an issue of power and
control (Leo 30). This, in itself encourages impulsive, careless, and
irresponsible sex, and at the same time, implies that there are no
consequences that must be paid for such actions. This type of bold
carelessness cannot be ignored as a contributing factor to the problems of
teen-age pregnancies, rushed marriages, abortions, illegitimate children,
venereal diseases, and mental problems (Leone 105).
In addition to these well-known problems, there is the belief that
pornography encourages unhealthy sexual urges. Most psychologists are
now convinced that violent entertainment, which makes up a large part of
pornography, stimulates rather than reduces violent impulses (Leone 104).
There are several examples of these inappropriate sexual images. One of the
most shocking of these is that of sadomasochistic sex. With this perverted
fetish, the sexual experience is supposedly heightened when physical abuse
is involved. Another sick form of pornography is pedophilia. This
encourages the sexual appetite that a person has for young children, which is
obviously not a normal or healthy desire to have. A specific example of an
undesirable situation that could occur as a result of the entertainment of such
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fantasies is that of “sexual predators” (Levy 2). Recently, these people have
been using the Internet to lure children away from their homes and into
danger. They often lie about their age, and convince the children that they’re
just a “friend” who wants to “play.” These types of reports have sent parents
all over the country into a frenzied panic over the Internet, as is only to be
expected (Levy 2). However, what is even more disturbing, are the cases in
which an innocent child is unknowingly presented with unfit images such as
pornography. This happened to Anders Urmacher, a ten year old boy who
received e-mail that contained a mysterious file complete with instructions
for downloading it. This file was received from a stranger while Anders was
in the Treehouse chat room on America On Line. When he opened the file,
he found twelve thumbnail size pictures of various sexually explicit acts
(Dewitt 40). By exposing men, women, and children to such atrocities, the
supporters of pornography are creating a very treacherous situation for this
country. It would be a fatal blow to a country’s moral standards if the
dangers of pornography ignored were ignored or oversimplified.
As the controversy surrounding pornography has increased, the
government has become more involved with the tough decision-making
concerning this topic. Recently, one of the most talked of issues has been
that of the Communications Decency Act. This act was