Police brutality what's really going on?
"Police regularly utilize varying levers of abuse, threat, and torture to extract confessions and demonstrate police effectiveness in fighting crime." Kerwin Brook. That's what the question is, is this a correct thought or are the police and their technics misunderstood?
To understand why this "brutality" happens lets see what a police officer goes though when they are pulling someone over. First they need to be stopped, and that's where I think the majority of the problems might occur. If someone runs from the police it creates a dangerous environment for the police officer as well as the other people caught in the chase which creates a stressful and not a very safe atmosphere, therefore the reactions of the police officer aren't very well thought out it's all instinct. Second if the officer gets the car stopped there are a million possibilities of other reasons to lose their cool and beat the person getting the ticket.
In the case of Rodney King this particular suspect was attempting to get away with a drug charge and aggravated the police officers to the point they had to restrain him. In this case the police reacted to a tense situation with force and confidence that what they were doing the right thing.
The police that the author talked to said they would have reacted the same way and most of the police officers that were interviewed said that was the right thing to do. Some said they weren't rough enough.
What people saw in this case was the police officers beating Mr. King without mercy. I don't think that's what happened I think that's what people wanted to see. "What people think they see in a police incident is not always what happens" Sergeant Stacey C. Koon.
Now what the public thinks is a different story. According to the author "the people of the United States of America think the police are brutal and not only that but out of control." Greenhaven Press.
The people think in the case of Rodney King that the police officers were brutal and inhuman. This is interesting to me because the public didn't see the whole incident and are passing judgement early without even willingness to hear the police officers side of the story! My thoughts on this are the people are going to see what they want to see, witch is the police getting busted for doing wrong but the truth behind the myth is that a lot of people want to get their own police violations dismissed for silly reasons.
My thoughts should be obvious by now but for clarity I think that a lot of people just bitch and moan to much and they see an opportunity to get back at the police. Therefore I think that if there is police brutality in the U.S. it maybe considered crying wolf by some persons of authority.
In closing I think this pamphlet can teach a lot to a lot of people. Even I learned something and that's not an easy accomplishment. Thank You for your time.