People write poetry people to speak their minds when they cannot say something outright. When one cannot illustrate his or her emotions in a conversation, one can write them out.

Poetry is not just words on a sheet of paper. It is an attempt to make intangible emotions tangible so it can be communicated. Poetry has many different sub forms, regulating pattern, verse or stanza length, ECT.

Poetry is an important form of literature because when one is feeling strongly about something and cannot voice his or her thoughts, one can release their feelings through poetry. Poetry is usually inspired by some strong feeling, so one can create poetry and relieve stress at the same time.

It is interesting to read what other people have written, but reading what other people have thought is even more compelling. People can read poetry for entertainment, or to gain insight on their lives or the lives of others.

I have read and written poetry. Maya Angelou is one of my favorite contemporary poets, but I find poems by amateurs more fulfilling, because they usually have imperfections in them that give one more clues about its author.

All in all poetry is an important part of our culture. Humans are social creatures but sometimes we cannot openly socialize about a subject. Thanks to poetry, when can still put our thoughts out.